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Baby bird’s Injury Record


  • August 10th, 2001. While filming, Junjin injured his head, arms, and torso. Although his head injuries were serious, he resumed his busy schedules soon after being discharged from the hospital.
    (For specifics, see this interview [CN sub])

  • Later in 2001. Junjin participated in the KBS competition variety program “Dream Team”. He injured himself previously due to overexertion, but he decided to be a part of the show regardless for shinhwa. By being on the show, shinhwa would get more publicity. The filming went on even though he was hospitalized, and under those conditions, Junjin won and took first place in the competition.

  • 4pm, April 29th 2002. In deungchon-dong 88 sports stadium, there was filming for the SBS programs “good friends” and “excellent duel”. That day, Junjin had a fever and the MC asked him to perform a backflip. He misjudged his strength and hit his head on the ground, injuring his chin and the back of his head. At first, his mouth frothed with vomit, his limbs went spastic, and he had trouble breathing. He then lost consciousness and stopped breathing. In the hospital, the physicians issued a notice of critical illness, saying he may not survive the night. Junjin managed to survive the night but suffers sequelae from the injury, including permanent vision loss and frequent migraines.

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